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Some Common Questions...

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture (fish-growing) with Hydroponics, creating a mutual environment between plants and fish, where fish grow and feed your garden. You choose a fish, such as blue Tilapia, and add them to a tank, and the tank then pumps water into a bed where your garden floats above water. Your fish fertilize the water, and the plants let down roots into the water and begin to THRIVE. It is a very simple, and increasingly popular solution to gardening and self-sustainability.

Aquaponics Cycle (1)

Does an Aquaponic Garden require more maintenance than an in-ground garden?

No, it requires much LESSAn Aquaponic Garden, once properly installed, runs perfectly fine by itself. You will only be required to do the pleasurable tasks of monitoring & feeding fish, and observing and harvesting plants. No soil management, and no handling fertilizer. Just enjoy growing your garden with little to no maintenance. Not to mention having a waist high garden means no more bending over!

How do plants grow in water? Won't that drown them?

Did you know that plants actually have two types of roots? Plants have a set of soil roots, which they let down in soil to pull nutrients from damp/wet soil. Plants also have a set of water roots; if they find that they have to grow in water, they will let down water roots to pull nutrients from the water. They were designed to know what to do in each situation, so growing in nutrient dense, fertilized water is perfect!

How long will it take for me to have my own Aquaponic Garden System installed?

You can be set up with your very own Complete Home Aquaponic System in as little as a week! A Land of Delight has 3 options available for you to choose today:

6-Pod Complete Home Aquaponic System:

Includes 6 Grow Pods with all additional plumbing.

3-Pod Complete Home Aquaponic System:

Includes 3 Grow Pods with all additional plumbing.

1-Pod Complete Home Aquaponic System:

Includes 1 Grow Pod.