Complete Home Aquaponics System: 1 Bed


Start growing your own fish and Produce in your own Complete Home Aquaponic Garden Today!

Complete Home Aquaponics 1-Bed System: Comes with 1 Grow Bed. 

PLUS, Every Aquaponic System comes with:

  • Tote fish tank
  • Tote planting bed
  • Floating planting raft
  • Net pots
  • Coconut coir
  • Conical swirl filter with pipes/fittings
  • Bio filter cylinder
  • Living Bio filter media 
  • Bio filter manifold
  • 2 inch PVC pipes/fitting for main flow
  • 1 inch PVC pipes and fitting for inflow and affluent discharge
  • Hydroponics commercial grade air pump
  • Air tubing
  • Air stones
  • 620 GPH water pump, continuous duty
  • 5 Gallon dump bucket
  • 50 Florida-legal Blue Tilapia Fingerlings (approx. 2-in or larger)


  • 200 Gallons seasoned Aquaponics water, delivered – $125
  • Delivery and full onsite installation of System – $175

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture (fish-growing) with Hydroponics, creating a mutual environment between plants and fish, where fish grow and feed your garden. You choose a fish, such as blue Tilapia, and add them to a tank, and the tank then pumps water into a bed where your garden floats above water. Your fish fertilize the water, and the plants let down roots into the water and begin to THRIVE. It is a very simple, and increasingly popular solution to gardening and self-sustainability.



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